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Vertical CNC Machining

Welcome to Innovative Machining LLC’s monthly newsletter! Here, we aim to keep you informed about all the latest happenings here at our shop. From our new machining centers to our various shop upgrades, this will be the place to stay up-to-date on everything that’s going on. But that’s not all – we’ll also be posting informative content pieces about CNC machining, tooling, welding, and more! We believe in transparency and want to share our processes with you, our valued customers and partners.

At Innovative Machining LLC, we specialize in providing high-quality precision machining services to a wide range of industries, from aerospace to medical devices. Over the years, we’ve invested in cutting-edge technology to ensure that we can offer the best possible outcomes for our clients. In fact, just in the past few months, we added two new machining centers to our arsenal, which allows us to take on even more complex projects.

In addition to these equipment upgrades, we’re also committed to keeping our shop clean and organized. We’ve also revamped our shop layout to better accommodate the flow of parts and people. We know that the environment in which we work can impact the quality of our output, so we take great care to ensure that our shop is organized and safe.

But we’re not just focused on our equipment and shop layout – we also invest in our people. As a team, we attend regular training sessions and conferences to keep up with the latest developments in our industry. We believe that investing in our employees’ education and well-being is key to providing outstanding service to our customers.

Our informative content pieces will cover a variety of topics related to CNC machining, such as the basic industry terminology, selecting the right tool for the job, and tips for optimizing machining processes. We know that our clients are experts in their respective fields, but we hope that by sharing our expertise, we can empower them to make the most informed decisions when it comes to their machining needs.

New CNC Machining Centers

Vertical CNC Machining

In today’s fast-paced manufacturing industry, investing in new, cutting-edge machines is critical to remain competitive. At Innovative, we understand the importance of keeping up with the latest advancements in technology, which is why we continue to invest in new capital equipment to increase efficiency and improve our services. In 2023, we added two new Mazak machining centers to our inventory, which are already making a difference in our production capabilities.

Our new Mazak VTC-805G Vertical CNC Machining Center features a 50 taper spindle with 118 inches of travel on the X axis and 31 inches of travel in the Y axis. With this new vertical machining center, we can machine larger and longer parts, which translates to increased efficiency and faster turnaround times. Additionally, the machine’s advanced technology allows for more precise cuts and tighter tolerances, ensuring our clients receive high-quality products every time.

The new Mazak HCN-5000 Horizontal CNC Machining Center is equipped with Mazak’s Multiple Pallet Pool (MPP), giving our machine an additional 4, 500mm pallets to work with. This means we can load multiple parts onto the pallets and run the machine continuously, improving productivity and decreasing downtime. The HCN-5000 boasts a 40 taper, 14,000 RPM spindle, which can handle any production project, no matter the complexity.

We understand the importance of investing in new capital equipment to increase efficiency, improve services, and stay ahead of the competition. Our new Mazak machining centers have already made a significant difference in our production capabilities, allowing us to produce larger parts more efficiently and with greater precision. By partnering with high-quality brands and continually exploring cutting-edge technology, we can provide our clients with the best products possible. At Innovative, our commitment to personalized service is as strong as ever, and we look forward to continuing to serve our clients with expertise, efficiency, and high-quality work.

Horizontal Machining Center

New Leadership

In mid 2022, Marc Jankowski was appointed as the new President of Innovative. Within the time that Marc has been President, the company has seen a great shift in culture, customer relationships, and revenue. We couldn’t be more thrilled in the direction that Marc has been leading the company towards and we look forward to new opportunities and growth! To learn more about Marc and our Senior Leadership, check out our “Meet the Team” page!


We’re thrilled to be launching our monthly newsletter, which will serve as a hub for everything Innovative Machining LLC. We’re committed to providing our clients with the highest quality precision machining services, transparently sharing our processes, and sharing our knowledge with the wider industry. Thank you for your support, and we look forward to keeping you updated!

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