Paint & Prep

Innovative also has the ability to paint in-house. Our booth is a wet paint application and we have the ability to small to large parts. Our paint booth dimensions are 12’ wide x 20’ deep x 8’ tall. Our facility has room to store and prep parts that need a paint application. Being able to control painting in-house allows us to offer a superior product to our customer.

Below is our list of Paint & Prep equipment.

Paint & Prep

Booths & Storage

  • Booth: 8’H x 12’W x 20’L
  • Booth: 7’H x 5’W x 5’L
  • Explosion-proof room: 10′ x 12′

  • Pressure Blast Cabinet: 48″ x 48″
  • Abrasive Finishing Vibratory Tumbler: Burr Bench Model 2016 (2)
  • Vibratory Bowl Finishing Machine: Model AB-14
  • Parts Washer: Alliance Aquamate RF-3648
    • Rotary table
    • Basket: 36″ diameter x 48″ height
    • Weight: 1,250 LBS

Prep Equipment