Vertical Machining

Vertical machining centers more easily accommodate longer parts, have open visibility for optimum productivity and are best for quick milling jobs. Innovative has the ability to utilize our vertical CNC machining centers for numerous prototype or production jobs. We have the skilled machinist that are required to bring your next project from concept to a completed manufactured part. Currently with 7 vertical CNC machining centers, we have the capacity to meet your project needs. With our largest travel window up to 154”, this allows us to be cost competitive with larger parts, eliminating the need to use a boring bar machine.

With Mazak Mazatrol, this gives our machinists added ability to program at their vertical machining centers. This allows us to better control lead times and best utilize our machinist’s to get your projects done right. We are always investing in our facility and employees to give them the tools they need to get
the job done right.

Below is our list of CNC Vertical Machining Centers.

Vertical CNC Machining Centers

Mazak VTC 200G 4-Axis VMC

  • Travel: X=154″ Y=20″ Z=26″ with Rotary (A) axis
  • Fusion 640M Conversational Control
  • 48 Tool Magazine
  • Max Weight: 4,600 LBS

  • Travel: X=41.3″ Y=20″ Z=20″
  • Mazatrol Control
  • 30 Tool Magazine
  • Max Weight: 2,640 LBS

Mazak Nexus 510C-II

Mazak VTC-300C VMC (2)

  • Travel: X=65.25″ Y=30″ Z=26″ with Rotary (A) axis
  • Mazatrol 640MN Control
  • 24 Tool Magazine
  • Max Weight: 3,300 LBS

  • Travel: X=125″ Y=75″ Z=39″
  • Fanuc 18i Control
  • 40 Tool Magazine
  • Max Weight: 22,000 LBS

Sigma SDV 3219 CMC

Trak DPM V7 Milling Machine

  • Travel: X=60″ Y=23″ Z=20.5″