A Machining Retrospective of 2022

2022 has been an exciting year of growth for Innovative. With the widespread effects of a lingering pandemic, supply chain issues, and talks of economic recession on the horizon, at a glance you’d think that the start of 2023 would be doom and gloom. And while the year has been filled with challenges, the team A Machining Retrospective of 2022

Vertical vs Horizontal CNC Machining

Vertical CNC Machining

Milling is the process of machining using rotary tooling to remove material by advancing the tooling into the workpiece.  This can be done by moving directions on one or several axes, tooling speed, and pressure. During a milling process, the workpiece remains stationary will the tooling moves into the piece. And while the concepts of Vertical vs Horizontal CNC Machining

Innovative Machining Featured in Manufacturing In Focus

New Website Launched | 2021

New CMM at Innovative Machining

Machining Centers | Innovative Machining

Brand new OKK has arrived at Innovative Machining!

New! Doosan 2600 for Innovative Machining!

Innovative Machining has welcomed NEW Doosan 4100!

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