Industries We Service

Innovative Machining has a diverse industry background since starting in 1995. Over the years we have grown to serve many different industries increasing our knowledge to better serve our customer base. Serving many different industries has provided us a solid operating foundation. Our skilled labor is dedicated to serving different industries and finding solutions to your current needs.

Innovative is always looking to expand our industry base to expand our knowledge. We are not limited to serving any industries. We are investing in making new capital purchases to better serve our industries and customers.

Defense Industry

Defense industry has been a core industry since the inception of Innovative in 1995. We have extensive knowledge on machining components for military vehicles and have played key roles in machining prototype parts for new generation vehicles.

We are ITAR compliant and have the quality knowledge to meet any PPAP requirements.

Medical Industry

We produce many different parts for MRI and PET scan machines including frames and weldments that are completed in our fab shop and larger boring bars. It has quickly grown into our largest industry served. What has set us apart from our competitors is the ability to weld and machine all in-house that has allowed us to offer more competitive lead times and pricing. Going forward this will continue to be a key industry for our continued success.

Packing/Automation Industry

This industry has also been a corner stone of Innovative since 1995. This industry has allowed us to machine, fabricate, and assemble parts within our building. Past projects have included diaper machines, packaging machines, label machines, and more! Some of these machines require large amount of space to assemble and test. Innovative has 60,000 square feet of manufacturing dedicated
for assembly.

Marine Industry

The marine industry is new to Innovative within the past 5 years. Throughout our history we manufactured some parts for the Marine industry but not until 5 years ago did it become a major industry within our facility. We specialize in parts for outboard recreational and racing motors.

This is an industry Innovative has identified as a growth area for us to grow. We have used our experience in other industries to add this as a successful industry. Internally we have installed a new Mazak Palletech system to better handle customer demand.

Recreational Industry

Our primary focus in this industry is off road recreational vehicles. This is another new market Innovative is starting in and are looking to expand further into this market.